On the 21st of September 1997 an article appeared in the Sunday World newspaper describing a mysterious crash in the Curlew mountains near Boyle in County Roscommon. What was it? Conflicting reports emerged, there were stories of black limousines being driven by men in suits, men with foreign accents seen up on isolated country roads normally only used by farmers. Other stories started to circulate of mountain roads being closed off and army helicopters in the vicinity as well.

This newspaper article came to the attention of UFO researchers & investigators who deemed the story to be significant enough to merit an investigative journey to Boyle. Although their findings at the supposed "crash" site proved to be inconclusive, the presentation they gave in a local pub on the UFO phenomenon world-wide created much local interest, so much so that it was decided to form a local UFO society where people with this common interest could meet to air and share their views and experiences. It came to be known the "Western UFO Society".

Shortly afterwards, in February 1998, the magazine "Woman's Way" published an article on the subject following an interview. This was taken up by the media, and Betty Meyler was invited to do radio interviews on nearly every radio station in Ireland, from Donegal in the north, to Cork in the south.

The result was surprising to say the least. Suddenly people were "coming out of the woodwork". People of all walks of life, sensible down-to-earth pillars of the community were contacting us to tell of their experiences and sightings of UFOs, some dating back 30 to 40 years. Stories that they had never told before, for fear of being laughed at and ridiculed. Now they were at last able to talk to someone who would not only take the time to listen to them, but who actually understood they had an experience of some kind they couldn't explain fully.

Further interviews followed with Betty on "The Late Late Show" (hosted by Gay Byrne at the time), on TV3 and on Cork television. It was no longer possible to stay as a west of Ireland society and in June of 1998 the decision was made to expand and encompass the whole of Ireland.

And the UFO Society of Ireland was born.

Since then we have come a long way, we have members from every county in Ireland, as well as Spain, the Netherlands, Costa Rica & the United States of America.

Betty sadly passed away peacefully on Sunday the 24th October 2010 after many years of hard work and dedication to a subject she loved.

The organisation has been working over the years to form a larger picture of reported UFO incidents and all associated incidents within Ireland.

Betty Meyler, founder of the UFO Society of Ireland at Lough Key Forest Park, Boyle, Co. Roscommon when on 14th December 1997, on foot of a Prediction, six lights were seen skimming across the water.